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"The journey of a thousand miles beings with one step." Lao Tzu

The goal of Innerwerks is to help you find a new path to self-healing and love. This is done through many intuitive, spiritual, and energetic processes and is meant to serve as an alternative or supplemental service to traditional therapies and counseling.

Regardless of your religious affiliation, Innerwerks can help you create daily practices or routines to help you align with your inner being. Some methods used can include binaural beat and isochronic sound programs with or without subliminal messages, daily affirmations, guided meditation, creative visualization, simple body movements and breathing exercises.


Do you know what's holding you back from feeling at peace?


Most of the time it's limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior being repeated. All the answers we are seeking are inside ourselves. The secret is to look for those thoughts hidden deep within our subconscious triggering emotional chaos in our lives. Once your blocks are brought to light, you can see them more clearly and finally release them. This is called enlightenment.


Life is a journey. It is full of joys and disappointments, but it isn't meant to be miserable. The Buddha said, "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional." If you find yourself trapped by your thoughts and feelings, Innerwerks can help.

MaryAnn Dube, Intuitive Counselor

Certified Spiritual Healer,  James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts

Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church

How I can help you

MaryAnn was born with the gifts of knowing (clairsentience) and spirit communication. Her ability to understand and communicate messages to people was second nature, and by the time she was 12 she started to read everything she could about other religions, mystical practices, energy medicine, and divination arts.

After learning the tarot and giving many readings throughout he life, she realized that readings weren’t beneficial to people without continued guidance. She understood by her gift of knowing that life is fluid and not fixed, and readings were temporary answers for people looking for permanent solutions. This led her to many conversations with other spiritual healers, and eventually resulted in her spiritual healing education from James Van Praagh, one of the world’s most beloved mediums.

MaryAnn’s guidance is direct, but gentle. She provides a nurturing and safe space energetically for you to share and explore your deepest rooted thoughts and beliefs. Her goal is to help you understand and release those that block your path to self-love.